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Best Children's Stories For School: Kids Short Story About Ollie The Big Red Bus

Welcome to another Ollie Story for kids! This is a short story for young children to enjoy and is the second story in the series. It is ideal as a read outloud story or for child to read for themselves. Ollie is a harmless character. He likes to tell moral stories.

Ollie has many adventures on his journeys and you can be the first to read all about him. All the stories have moral elements to them that help young children with ethics and good citizenship. This is a working progress, so watch Ollie evolve!

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Please Ollie, Take The Children to the Seaside!

Ollie stood in the middle of the garage, he had had a

special clean and polish, and now his red paint shone and sparkled.


is a big red double-decker bus, and he lives with his friend in a garage in the

middle of the town.


year Ollie takes lots of children to the seaside for the day, and today is that

special day. "I do love going to the seaside," said Ollie to his best

friend Bertie who stood beside him, but Bertie only sniffed and turned his

headlamps away.

Ollie felt sorry for his friend, because he would have liked to have had his

company on the long journey, and together they could have watched the seagulls

as they played high up in the blue sky, and listened to the children, as they

romped on the beach.

Beep! Beep! Went Ollies Horn!

Yesterday, after Ollie had finished taking the people around

the town, Sam and Molly had given him a spring-clean, and when they had

finished, his chrome shone, his windows gleamed, and even his big wheels


The hands on the round clock on the garage wall, pointed to nine o' clock and

Fred, Ollie's driver got into his seat, and Bill the conductor jumped onto the

platform. Ting, went Ollie's bell, and laughing, Fred started the engine.

Down the road went Ollie, his big black tyres singing as they rolled towards

the school. Beep beep went Ollie's horn, telling the children that he was on

his way.

Ollie pulled up by the school gates. All the children were in a long line, with

their teacher standing at the front. She had a paper with all the children's

names on it, and as she read them out, on-by-one, the children were helped by


The happy children sang as they sped along!

When all the children had sat down, Bill rang the bell, and

Ollie trundled along the road, passed the school, and out into the green

countryside. He ran passed the field where black and white cows chewed the

tender grass. Through the woods, where branches met in an arch over Ollie's

roof. Through villages,where the people gaily waved, and along lanes where

little rabbits played.

The happy children sang as they sped along, their teacher waving her arms

in time to the music, and Bill pretending to be a drum, beating out the rhythm

of the song, with a stick on Ollie's wooden floor.

When they were halfway to the seaside, Fred turned Ollie to a little cafe, and

when Ollie had stopped, all the children jumped out to buy cool drinks,

saltycrisps and ice cream.

Ollie was pleased to have stopped, because his engine hissed and bubbled, and

his big black tyres were aching. Fred and Bill, leaned against Ollie's side,

sipping tea from paper cups. They were pleased to have a rest as well.

When Ollie's engine had cooled down, and all the children were inside again,

Ollie set off on the second half of the journey. As they got nearer the

seaside, Ollie could smell the cool salt air blowing from the coast. Up and

down the hills they went, until at last, Ollie saw the blue sea water

glistening in the distance.

The children squealed with great delight. They thought about all the sand

castles that they were going to build, and all the games that they would play

on the golden beach.

He felt lonely for his friend Bertie.

Through the seaside town Ollie sped, passing all the people

out walking and shopping, until they reached the beach. The children climbed

out clutching buckets and spades shouting, "thank you ,Ollie!" as

they raced over the beach and down to the edge of the sea.

Ollie stood near the beach, amongst all the buses and coaches, but he felt

lonely for his friend Bertie. All the other buses seemed to have come in

groups, and they chatted to each other, not taking any notice of poor Ollie.

Ollie sighed, a gentle hiss of steam escaping from his hot radiator.

It's lovely to see you!

As Ollie stood there all alone, listening to the laughter of

the children coming from the beach, he thought he heard the familiar sound of

his friend's engine. He looked up, and sure enough, coming towards him was

Bertie's jolly face.

"You took some catching up, Ollie!" wheezed his friend, as he

trundled to a spot beside Ollie, "it is lovely to see you," said

Ollie, "but how did you manage to come?" "There were more

children than the teacher thought," Bertie replied, and they both giggled,

making their windows rattle.


two friends had a lovely day, they felt the fresh salt air brushing over their

roofs, and they watched the seagulls swooping over-head, and saw the little

waves dancing patterns over the blue sea.


travelled together, back to the town that evening, and when Sam put out the

light in the big garage, Ollie went to sleep, happy that his friend had shared

his big day out.

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