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Lil Wayne to Quit Rap in Order to Pursue Skateboarding

Lil Wayne has a new hobby.

And it's apparently more important than his livelihood. The 29-year-old rapper, who has been in the rap business since his early teenage years, has found a new passion that has forced him to call it quits on his rap career. Even though the Young Money CEO will be releasing a new mixtape called the "dedication 4," he has reportedly decided to quit rap.

According to a report, the rapper wants to quit rap in order to have more time to skateboard, which is his new found hobby and passion. In an interview with Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9, Lil Wayne said the following, "I picked up the skateboard and I thought it'd be a hobby, and what happened is it's a lifestyle," he said. "In order to be fully committed, you have to live that lifestyle. With these young kids now, you have to be about that life. It's kind of putting rap on the back burner. Rap is taking a backseat to skating."

Wayne certainly doesn't need to stay in the rap game for financial reasons. He's got a booming label in Young Money which is being led by rappers Drake and Nicki Minaj. Not to mention, Wayne has got plently of fortune from his eight solo albums and several mixtapes. Whether or not he's serious about quitting is questionable, but he is taking some time off.

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